The 21st ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services

June 18 - June 22, 2023 • Helsinki, Finland

Artifact Evaluation

Artifact Evaluation (AE) Committee for MobiSys 2023. The goal of the AE committee is to ensure the reproducibility of conference papers by reviewing and verifying the artifacts submitted by authors.

Why do we need Artifact Evaluation?

At MobiSys, we aim to promote high-quality research in mobile systems and to advance the state of the art. However, traditional peer-review of papers alone cannot guarantee the reproducibility of the research results. The AE process complements the paper review process by verifying that the artifacts (e.g., code, data, scripts, or instructions) associated with a paper are correct, complete, and properly documented. The AE committee also provides feedback to authors to improve the artifacts and ensure that they are reusable by others in the community.

What do AE committee members do?

As an AE committee member, you will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating the artifacts submitted by authors. You will work closely with the authors to understand their artifacts and reproduce their experiments. You will also provide feedback to the authors on how to improve the artifacts and ensure that they are reusable by others in the community. The AE committee members will be asked to write a report on each artifact, summarizing the evaluation and making a recommendation for acceptance or rejection.

Who can join the AE committee?

We are looking for researchers who have expertise in mobile systems research, and have experience in building and evaluating systems. We welcome researchers from academia, industry, and government labs who are willing to volunteer their time to ensure the quality of research presented at MobiSys.

How to apply?

If you are interested in serving on the AE committee for MobiSys 2023, please fill out the application form with your name, affiliation, research interests, and expertise. We will review the applications and select the committee members based on their qualifications and experience.

We look forward to your participation in the Artifact Evaluation process for MobiSys 2023, and thank you in advance for your contributions to the success of the conference.


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