ACM ACM MobiSys 2021

The 19th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services

June 24 - July 2, 2021 • Mars, Solar System, Milky Way

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ACM MobiSys 2021 Program

Final Program

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The location for each session is as follows:

All Talks (e.g. Opening, Closing, N2Women, Keynotes, Panels, Papers, Industry Tech Talk) Auditorium
Workshops Workshop-specific Rooms
Posters and Demos Poster/Demo Room
Student Research Meets, Social Hours Martian Lounge

Note: All times listed as US Eastern Time

June 24th (Thursday) June 25th (Friday) June 28th (Monday) June 29th (Tuesday) June 30th (Wednesday) July 1st (Thursday) July 2nd (Friday)

Student Workshop

Mobile Serverless
IoT Day
Social Hour X-2
05:30-06:30 ET
Demos and Posters
09:00-10:00 ET
Student Research Meet 1
09:30-10:30 ET
Session IX: Localization and Tracking
10:00-11:20 ET
1030-1130 ET
Session II: Augmented Reality
1030-1130 ET
Keynote II
Vikas Gupta
(Wonder Workshop)
1030-1130 ET
Industry Talk:
Ranveer Chandra

1030-1100 ET
Student Research Meet 2
11:00-12:00 ET
11:40-12:00 ET
Keynote I
Shree Nayar
12:00-13:00 ET
Session III:
Mobile Apps
12:00-13:00 ET
Session V:
12:00-13:00 ET
Keynote III
Lorrie Cranor
12:00-13:00 ET
Panel II: Privacy in the Time of Coronavirus
12:00-13:00 ET
Closing Party (Wait wait... Don’t tell me! — SIGMOBILE style)
13:00-13:40 ET
Session I:
Mobile Communications
13:10-14:10 ET
Panel I: Reflections on SIGMOBILE in its 25th year
13:10-14:10 ET
Session V:
Sensing (Contd.)
13:10-13:50 ET
Session VII:
Fault Detection and Tolerance
13:10-14:30 ET
Session VI:
Security and Privacy
14:00-15:00 ET
Social Hour X-1
(and a half)
14:10-15:40 ET
Session I:
Mobile Communications (Contd.)
14:20-15:00 ET
Social Hour X 3
(and a half)
14:30-16:00 ET
Session VI:
Security and Privacy (Contd.)
15:10-15:50 ET
Demos and Posters
19:00-20:00 ET
Session IV:
Mobile ML
20:00-21:20 ET
Session VIII:
20:00-21:00 ET

Session I: Mobile Communications

Monday (June 28th, 1310 - 1500 ET)

by Swarun Kumar

Session Chair: Fred Jiang (Columbia), Student Co-Chair: Stephen Xia (Columbia)

Session II: Augmented Reality

Tuesday (June 29th, 1030 - 1130 ET)

Topic Preview: Robert LiKamWa
Session Chair: Robert LiKamWa (ASU), Student Co-Chair: Aylemer Britto (VIT Chennai)

Session III: Mobile Apps

Tuesday (June 29th, 1200 - 1300 ET)

by Steve Ko
Session Chair: Steve Ko (University of Buffalo), Student Co-Chair: Chang Min Park (University of Buffalo)

Session IV: Mobile ML

Tuesday (June 29th, 2000 - 2120 ET)

by Sicong Liu
Session Chair: Sicong Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Student Co-Chair: Hongli Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Session V: Sensing

Wednesday (June 30th, 1200 - 1350 ET)

by VP Nguyen
Session Chair: VP Nguyen (University of Texas at Arlington), Student Co-Chair: Tuan Dang (University of Texas at Arlington)

Session VI: Security and Privacy

Wednesday (June 30th, 1400 - 1550 ET)

by Ardalan Amir Sani
Session Chair: Ardalan Amir Sani (UC Irvine), Student Co-Chair: Hsin-Wei Hung (UC Irvine)

Session VII: Fault Detection and Tolerance

Thursday (July 1st, 1310 - 1430 ET)

by Akshay Nambi
Session Chair: Akshay Nambi (Microsoft), Student Co-Chair: Zhihao “Zephyr” Yao (UC Irvine)

Session VIII: HCI

Thursday (July 1st, 2000 - 2100 ET)

Topic Preview: TBA Session Chair: Kate Lin, Student Co-Chair: Xiaomin Ouyang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Session IX: Localization and Tracking

Friday (July 2nd, 1000 - 1120 ET)

by Nirupam Roy
Session Chair: Nirupam Roy (UMD, College Park), Student Co-Chair: Irtaza Shahid (UMD, College Park)


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