The 1st ACM MobiSys Workshop on Mobile Data (MOBIDATA 2016), Singapore

The Internet has been radically transformed since the introduction of smartphones in the last few years. The increasing processing power, connectivity modes, variety of sensors and features, and the personal, always-on nature of these devices have all led to an immense growth in the smartphone and data industry. With millions of apps that users can download, each able to access rich data about users via their smartphones, we are entering an unprecedented era of technology driven by personal and environmental data.

A key factor driving growth in the mobile industry is the ability to infer rich data from individuals, perform behavioural analytics, provide personalized services, and/or deliver targeted ads. The capabilities and features of modern mobile technologies and the associated benefits and opportunities are not well explored yet. Mobile applications and services come with a range of technical, legal, societal and ethical challenges unseen in previous computing paradigms and networked systems. These range from excessive usage of bandwidth and power, to aggressive collection, management and careless share of personal information. Long term and sustainable growth in this space is dependable on the ability of the research, industry, and the developer community to address these issues with the user in mind.

In this workshop we will bring together academic researchers and industry practitioners to present their latest research in the space of mobile data. We will aim to provide a forum for discussing early work, novel approaches, and controversial ideas in use of mobile data and systems and design of technologies that address the mentioned challenges. Topics of interest include:

  • Personal Data on Smartphones
  • Targeted Mobile Advertising
  • Crowd-sourced Measurements
  • Sensing Applications in Smartphones
  • Health and Physical Sensing Applications
  • Privacy and Security on the Mobile Space
  • Energy and Bandwidth Usage of Mobile Data
  • Smart Data Pricing for the Mobile Internet
  • Mobile Data Mining and Analytics
  • Transparency Tools
  • Economic Considerations of Mobile Data
  • Wearables and Quantified Self Apps
  • Personalised Services and Analytics
  • Ethical Considerations for Mobile Data
  • News:

  • March 12, 2016 - Professor David Kotz will deliver MOBIDATA's keynote. More details
  • February 4, 2016 - ACM MOBIDATA 2016 Call for Papers has been announced.