MobiHoc 2005

Camera-Ready Instructions

This web page will acquaint you with the submission, the required fields, and how and where to submit your signed ACM copyright form. If submitting a full paper, kindly keep the email that you received, in the subject line is your paper id number and a direct link for submitting your paper. Please read the whole page.  Submissions that do not conform to the ACM standards, specifications, and formats will not be included in the proceedings. The following information is also available at

Submission Deadlines and Preparation of Copy

All ACM sponsored proceedings will be included in the ACM Digital Library as well as prepared for printed publication. All papers for the conference must be submitted in an electronic format which conforms to ACM specifications. Your electronic submission is due on or before April 12th, 2005.  Your page limit is set by the category your submission has been selected for, please click on the link for your type of submission:

Regular/Full Papers 12 Page Limit
Posters 2 Page Limit
Invited Talk Abstract 2 Page Limit

Notes to All Authors

The following sections in all of the ACM templates are mandatory sections and should be filled in properly by the authors on the actual paper:

  • Categories & Subject Descriptors (the address for the ACM Computing Classification Scheme is:
  • General Terms: This section is limited to the following 16 terms: Algorithms, Management, Measurement, Documentation, Performance, Design, Economics, Reliability, Experimentation, Security, Human Factors, Standardization, Languages, Theory, Legal Aspects, Verification.
  • Keywords: This section is your choice of terms you would like to be indexed by.
  • Title of Your Submission Should be Initial Caps -- Meaning First Letter of the Main Words Should be Made Capital Letters.

A. Your actual source file is needed (.doc, .fm and .tex), to extract text and data to produce information and metadata for ACM's digital library, but your .ps file (for .tex and .fm submissions) will be distilled to an ACM settings pdf and used for the print, cd and/or the digital library. For ACM distilling settings, please download the following job option settings: (right click and choose save target as) to your Program Files, Adobe, Acrobat, Distillr, Settings folder and name as -- ACM.joboptions   Then use this setting when you create/distill your new pdf.

B. Submissions that do not conform to the ACM standards and formats will be returned to the author for corrections and/or alterations. Also be sure that there are no bad page or column breaks--meaning no widows (last line of a paragraph at the top of a column). If this happens either tighten the previous column or force a line over. Section and Sub-section heads should remain with at least 2 lines of body text when near the end of a page or column. Also, be sure that your .ps file is formatted for American Letter (8-1/2x11). In addition, to retrieve the ACM.jobsettings for your pdf submission, click here for the Acrobat Distiller settings.

C. Authors with color figures, authors please be aware your figures are printing in black and white (grayscale) in the body pages of the proceedings. We suggest you print your paper to a black/white printer (or black-white version) to be sure that the tones, screening, images reproduce well in black and white. Your images may appear in color on your electronic submissions and will appear in color in the ACM digital library. We recommend images to be at least 300 or 600 dpi for quality reproduction.

D. U.S. Government employees please contact Lisa at Sheridan Printing for the correct copyright statement for your submission, kindly inform us of the authors, their affiliations, and which program you are using to produce your submission to receive the proper copyright statement.

E. Click on which program you will be using to prepare your submission for the proceedings:

Word Users LaTEX Users Frame Users

ACM Permission Release Form

ACM requires a signed Permission Release Form from EACH author/presenter of ALL demo and short paper submissions (which will also be placed in the ACM Digital Library).
The form itself can be downloaded from: ACM PERMISSION RELEASE FORM (right click to download the form to print). The title must be filled in at the top, then signed and dated at the bottom. Be sure that your title on the form matches the title on your submission, or a new form will be requested. The mailed or faxed forms must be received on or before April 12th, 2005 to:

Sheridan Printing Co.
Attn: Lisa M. Tolles
1425 Third Ave.
Alpha, NJ 08865 (USA)

FAX: 1-908-213-3285,    1-908-454-2554    or   1-908-454-0179   (faxes are accepted now by ACM)


If you still have questions or problems please contact Lisa M. Tolles, by phone: 908-213-8988 or via email at: with the conference name (MobiHoc'05) in the subject line.


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