MobiCom 2020

21-25 Sep, London, United Kingdom

Accepted Papers (First Round)

  • From Relative Azimuth to Absolute Location: Pushing the Limit of PIR Sensor based Localization
    Authors: X. Liu, T. Yang, S. Tang, P. Guo, J. Niu

  • Millimeter-Wave Full Duplex Radios
    Authors: V. Singh, S. Mondal, A. Gadre, M. Srivastava, J. Paramesh, S. Kumar

  • Redefining Passive in Backscattering with Commodity Devices
    Authors: M. Rostami, K. Sundaresan, E. Chai, S. Rangarajan, D. Ganesan

  • Wearable Camera-based Person Identification in Crowded Urban Spaces
    Authors: J. Yi, S. Choi, Y. Lee

  • X-Array: Approximating Omnidirectional Millimeter-Wave Coverage Using an Array of Phased-Arrays
    Authors: S. Wang, J. Huang, X. Zhang, H. Kim, S. Dey

  • Renovating Road Signs for Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Networking: A Visible Light Backscatter Communication and Networking Approach
    Authors: P. Wang, L. Feng, G. Chen, C. Xu, Y. Wu, K. Xu, G. Shen, K. Du, G. Huang, X. Liu

  • Voice Localization Using Nearby Wall Reflections
    Authors: S. Shen, D. Chen, Y. Wei, Z. Yang, R. Choudhury

  • Ghost Calls from Operational 4G Call Systems: IMS Vulnerability, Call DoS Attack, and Countermeasure
    Authors: Y. Lu, C. Li, Y. Li, S. Hsiao, T. Xie, G. Tu, W. Chen

  • Hummingbird: Energy Efficient GPS Receiver for Small Satellites
    Authors: S. Narayana, R Prasad, V. Rao, L. Mottola, T Prabhakar

  • ScatterMIMO: Enabling Virtual MIMO with Smart Surfaces
    Authors: M. Dunna, C. Zhang, D. Sievenpiper, D. Bharadia

  • ViVo: Visibility-aware Mobile Volumetric Video Streaming
    Authors: B. Han, Y. Liu, F. Qian

  • PDLens: Smartphone Knows Drug Effectiveness among Parkinson's via Daily-Life Activity Fusion
    Authors: H. Zhang, G. Guo, C. Song, C. Xu, K. Cheung, J. Alexis, H. Li, D. Li, K. Wang, W. Xu

  • Integrating Device, Cloud, and Client Development for IoT Applications with OneLink
    Authors: G. Guan, B. Li, Y. Gao, Y. Zhang, J. Bu, W. Dong

  • Challenge: COSMOS: A City-Scale Programmable Testbed for Experimentation with Advanced Wireless
    Authors: D. Raychaudhuri, I. Seskar, G. Zussman, T. Korakis, D. Kilper, T. Chen, J. Kolodziejski, M. Sherman, Z. Kostic, X. Gu, H. Krishnaswamy, S. Maheshwari, P. Skrimponis, C. Gutterman

  • M-Cube: A Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Software Radio
    Authors: R. Zhao, T. Woodford, T. Wei, Q. Kun, X. Zhang

  • Experience: Advanced Network Operations in (Un)-Connected Remote Communities
    Authors: D. Perino, X. Yang, J. Serra, A. Lutu, I. Leontiadis

  • Deep Learning based Wireless Localization for Indoor Navigation
    Authors: R. Ayyalasomayajula, A. Arun, C. Wu, S. Sharma, A. Sethi, D. Vasisht, D. Bharadia

  • Single Shot Single Antenna Path Discovery in THz Networks
    Authors: Y. Ghasempour, C. Yeh, R. Shrestha, D. Mittleman, E. Knightly

  • MET: A Novel Magneto-Inductive Sensing Based Electric Toothbrushing Monitoring System
    Authors: H. Huang, S. Lin

  • Experience: Aging or Glitching? Why Does Android Stop Responding and What Can We Do About It?
    Authors: M. Li, H. Lin, Z. Li, F. Qian, T. Xu, C. Liu, Y. Liu

  • WiChronos : Energy-Efficient Modulation for Long-Range, Large-Scale Wireless Networks
    Authors: Y. Sangar, B. Krishnaswamy

  • Towards Flexible Wireless Charging for Medical Implants Using Distributed Antenna System
    Authors: X. Fan, L. Shangguan, R. Howard, Y. Zhang, Y. Peng, J. Xiong, Y. Ma, X.-Y. Li

  • 3D Human Pose Construction Using WiFi
    Authors: W. Jiang, H. Xue, C. Miao, S. Wang, S. Lin, C. Tian, S. Murali, H. Hu, Z. Sun, L. Su

  • TouchPass: Towards Behavior-irrelevant on-touch User Authentication on Smartphones Leveraging Vibrations
    Authors: X. Xu, J. Yu, Y. Chen, Q. Hua, Y. Zhu, Y. Chen, M. Li