MobiCom 2019

Oct 21-25, Los Cabos, Mexico


To celebrate MobiCom's 25th anniversary, the conference will be held at the Paradisus, an amazing all inclusive resort between Los Cabos and San Jose del Cabo. The hotel has numerous delicious restaurants, a huge pool and three smaller pools, and access to a beautiful, swimmable beach. Eat and drink as much as you like.

Hotel: Paradisus Los Cabos

Paradisus Los Cabos is an all-inclusive luxury resort that is consistently rated among the top hotels in the world. See Registration and Hotel Reservations for instructions to reserve a room at a significantly discounted rate. We highly encourage you to stay at the conference hotel for several reasons:

  1. The committee has secured exclusive room rates for conference attendees. These rates are significantly lower than standard rates. The rates are much lower, in part, because your conference registration will cover all food and beverages during the conference at this all inclusive resort. There are 7-8 restaurants and bars on the property. Eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want - it is all included. This resort is rated highly for the quality and variety of the food.
  2. Other hotels that are within a reasonable commute of the conference will be significantly more expensive, and in many cases, not as nice. Most hotels are not on the beach. Paradisus is.
  3. There will be conference technical and social activities that run well into the night and travel to/from a remote hotel late at night and early in the morning can be challenging to say the least.
  4. Staying at the conference hotel significantly helps the conference and SIGMOBILE financially. The conference committed to a fairly large room block and is required to pay the hotel for any unused rooms.
Hotel Pricing

The hotel room rate at the Paradisus will include a $145 rebate from ACM on any night where at least one person in the room is registered for the main conference or a workshop on the following day. To book your discounted room, see Registration and Hotel Reservations. You will not receive the discount if you book directly. We have also negotiated lower rates on other nights. Rooms include unlimited food, beverages, and access to the resort from 4pm on each day of your reservation to 4pm the following day.

The hotel reservations link will give you the $145 rebate from ACM on all nights of Oct 20 through Oct 24. However, if you have registered with MobiCom for fewer days, then that $145 rebate will be removed from your hotel reservation for those nights that you are not registered for the conference/workshops. Please be sure to use the same name in your MobiCom registration as your hotel reservation to avoid being overcharged. Note that the hotel reservation site shows you a total amount for the dates that you select and does not break down the cost on a per-night basis – you can refer back to this table above to understand what the rates are for each night.

* For example, for one adult in a Junior Suite Garden View, if you arrive on Saturday 10/19, depart on Friday 10/25 and attend a workshop on Monday, the main conference on Tuesday - Thursday, and a workshop on Friday, you will pay $336 for the night of 10/19 and $191 for the nights of 10/20, 10/21, 10/22, 10/23, and 10/24. These rates are available with early, late, and on-site registration on a first come, first served basis.

**Only one adult in the room needs to be registered to qualify for the discounted price.

Nights preceding registered conference/workshop days.* Nights NOT preceding registered conference/workshop days.
1 Adult 2 Adults** 1 Adult 2 Adults
Junior Suite
Garden View
$191 $275 $336 $420
Junior Suite
Ocean View
$223 $315 $368 $460
Royal Service
Ocean View
$271 $375 $416 $520
Royal Service
Swim Up
$335 $455 $480 $600

These hotel rates include UNLIMITED, high-quality food and beverages at multiple restaurants inside the hotel and free room service. This is a great deal for staying at a high end resort. You likely won’t find a cheaper option nearby. There may be some less expensive options in the cities of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo, but commuting between them and the conference venue will be difficult and expensive so we highly recommend you stay at the conference venue.

Views and Amenities

The hotel rooms overlook Paradisus' private crescent cove beach in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, surrounded by sets of lush gardens and terraces. The private beach is swimmable.

The services and splendors of Paradisus Los Cabos include fully stocked mini bars and balconies. Swim-up suites allow guests to swim right out of their hotel rooms. Alternatively, you can rejuvenate in the Yhi Spa, replete with modern facilities and numerous relaxing treatments. There are also many places throughout the hotel to sit and have a conversation, including an outdoor fire pit, a library, and of course, the swimming pool.

Restaurants and bars

The hotel has seven restaurants and seven bars, covering a wide range of culinary experiences. From casual to formal, traditional to contemporary atmospheres, health-conscious to comfort food, there's a wide variety of dining options and to choose from. There's even a bar in the main pool!

  • Naos: An international breakfast buffet to start your day.
  • Bana: An Asian restaurant with Japanese fusion cuisine with a contemporary Zen terrace.
  • Mole: Authentic and rich flavors of Mexican cuisine, with a setting that combines traditional and modern Mexican experiences.
  • Terraza and Market Grill: Fresh salads with Italian cuisine paired with tropical takes on Argentinean steak grill.
  • Gastro Bar by Martin Berasategui: Experience world-renowned contemporary Bassque cuisine from 8 Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui. (* additional charges apply)
  • Gabi Beach: Al fresco dining experience offers a combination of the elegant and avant-garde in its international cuisine
  • Avenue Bar: Enjoy drinks in an open sea-breeze setting.
  • Gabi Bar: Partake in expansive views of the Sea of Cortez while sipping on cocktails.
  • Coco's Bar: This beach bar serves Caribbean organic cocktails and mojitos
  • Wet: Order drinks while mingling in the pool at the Wet bar.

For more information about these restaurants and bars, please click here.

San Jose del Cabo

Near the hotel, downtown San Jose del Cabo has many excellent places and food to experience. See the location page for more adventures to be had in the area!