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  • The explosive growth of wide-area cellular systems and local-area wireless networks and the emergence of home area radio networks and personal area body networks are just the beginning of "The Wireless Revolution". The ultimate goal - uncompromised connectivity and performance for mobile computing devices - requires that we meet the challenge of creating fully integrated, seamless, fault-tolerant and heterogeneous networks composed of fully distributed, energy efficient, and ubiquitous mobile computing platforms. The realization that wireless connectivity profoundly affects the way we compute, communicate, and interact motivates us to better comprehend all the aspects of the enabling underlying systems and the interactions between them. Making truly tetherless computing possible demands that we carefully evaluate, enhance and perhaps re-design our networks, systems, algorithms, and applications.

    MobiCom'99, to be held in the Bell Harbor Conference Facility, is the fifth of an annual series of international conferences dedicated to addressing the challenges of the wireless revolution. By bringing together researchers, practitioners, and visionaries from all over the world, MobiCom provides an environment where ideas flow freely and intellectual discussions happen easily between individuals instrumental in shaping the world of tomorrow. MobiCom is a highly selective conference where the quality of its technical program is ensured by an outstanding technical program committee. A number of social and technical events, such as speeches by visionary and informed leaders in the field, panels on timely and controversial topics, tutorials on the basics and advances in the field, and workshops focussed on pressing issues of the day provide ample opportunities for learning, educating, debating, and exchanging information between users, providers, and researchers.