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MobiSys Best Paper Award
For the best paper submitted to the annual MobiSys conference.

MobiSys 2014:
Rio: A System Solution for Sharing I/O between Mobile Systems, Ardalan Amiri Sani, Kevin Boos, Min Hong Yun, and Lin Zhong (Rice University).
COIN-GPS: Indoor Localization from Direct GPS Receiving, Shahriar Nirjon (University of Virginia), Jie Liu, Gerald DeJean, Bodhi Priyantha, Yuzhe Jin, and Ted Hart (Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA).
MobiSys 2013:
Energy Characterization and Optimization of Image Sensing Toward Continuous Mobile Vision, Robert LiKamWa (Rice University), Bodhi Priyantha, Matthai Philipose (Microsoft Research Redmond), Lin Zhong (Rice University), Paramvir Bahl (Microsoft Research Redmond).
MobiSys 2012:
ACE: Exploiting Correlation for Energy-Efficient and Continuous Context Sensing , Suman Nath (Microsoft Research).
MobiSys 2011 (the Best Paper Award was given to two papers):
SignalGuru: leveraging mobile phones for collaborative traffic signal schedule advisory , E. Koukoumidis (Princeton University), L. Peh (MIT), and M. Martonosi (Princeton University).
Chameleon: a color-adaptive web browser for mobile OLED displays , M. Dong (Rice University) and L. Zhong (Rice University).
MobiSys 2010:
ParkNet: drive-by sensing of road-side parking statistics , S. Mathur (WINLAB, Rutgers University), T. Jin (WINLAB, Rutgers University), N. Kasturirangan (WINLAB, Rutgers University), J. Chandrasekaran (WINLAB, Rutgers University), W. Xue (WINLAB, Rutgers University), M. Gruteser (WINLAB, Rutgers University), and W. Trappe (WINLAB, Rutgers University).
MobiSys 2009:
SPATE: small-group PKI-less authenticated trust establishment , Y. Lin (National Tsing Hua University), A. Struder (Carnegie Mellon University), H. Hsiao (Carnegie Mellon University), J. McCune (Carnegie Mellon University), K. Wang (National Tsing Hua University), M. Krohn (Carnegie Mellon University), P. Lin (Providence University), A. Perrig (Carnegie Mellon University), H. Sun (National Tsing Hua University), and B. Yang (Academia Sinica).
MobiSys 2008:
Improving wireless privacy with an identifier-free link layer protocol , B. Greenstein (Intel Research), D. McCoy (University of Colorado), J. Pang (Carnegie Mellon University), T. Kohno (University of Washington), S. Seshan (Carnegie Mellon University)
MobiSys 2007:
MobiSteer: Using Directional Antenna Beam Steering to Improve Performance of Vehicular Internet Access , V. Navda (Stony Brook University), A.P. Subramanian (Stony Brook University), K. Dhanasekaran (Stony Brook University), A. Timm-Giel (University of Bremen Mobile Research Center, Germany), S. Das (Stony Brook University)
MobiSys 2006:
FireWxNet: A Multi-Tiered Portable Wireless System for Monitoring Weather Conditions in Wildland Fire Environments, C. Hartung, S. Holbrook, R. Han, C. Seielstad (Universites of Colorado and Montana, USA)
MobiSys 2005:
Reincarnating PCs with Portable SoulPads, Ramón Cáceres, Casey Carter, Chandra Narayanaswami, and Mandayam Raghunath, (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
MobiSys 2004:
Ghosts in the Machine: Interfaces for Better Power Management, Manish Anand, Edmund B. Nightingale and Jason Flinn (University of Michigan, USA)
MobiSys 2003:
Energy Aware Lossless Data Compression, Kenneth Barr, Krste Asanovic (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Selection Committee

The MobiSys Best Paper Award is given to the author of the best paper appearing in the annual SIGMOBILE MobiSys conference proceedings. The MobiSys Technical Program Committee forms the Selection Committee for this award.
The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing